Hear from our Students..

What would I do without music and dancing?

It would be a very lonely and boring life for me. It is proven that dancing is the best remedy not only for physical health but also depression and memory improvement.

I started to learn dancing at Social Dance Studios in Castle Hill when I was 81 years old after my wife of 57 years married, passed away. I tried everything to help me get back on my feet, from medication to psychologists but nothing worked for me. Then my doctor suggested to try dancing, which I did.

The improvement was remarkable and thanks to my wonderful dancing teacher, Dani who not only taught me how to dance but introduced me to the other people at the studio who have now become my friends. We are not only social within the studio but have all become greats friends outside of the studio.

Dancing has completely changed my life, not only physically but mentally. I’ve learnt to laugh again! Now at the age of 88 I’m still dancing, learning and being social. The results have been amazing.

I am proof that age is no barrier, there are no excuses. Start a better lifestyle and improve your health.

So get up and start with the three magical words “Shall we dance?”

Happy Dancing.

Joseph Vanecek