How Far Can You Go?

At Social Dance Studios Castle Hill we pride ourselves on offering individual tailored programs for every type of student. Dance is something that can be natural for some but hard for others. We all learn differently and it’s our instructors job to make sure you are learning at the pace that is right for you. We also make sure we teach you steps and patterns that suit your ability and level of dance skills. All our students learn as social dancers then decide later on how far they want to take it. Here are the different levels of dance:

Introductory Program

This isĀ The Get to Know Level that everyone starts at. Your first few lesson are a chance for you to try all the different types of dance and an opportunity for us to get to know you. In this stage we help you find out what you are truly looking for from your dancing.

The Foundation Level

Just like building a house we need to start with the ground work first. Here you will learn the basic steps of up to six dances and you will be introduced to the concepts of lead and follow, floor craft, styling and new patterns. Apart from having a lot of fun, the foundation level will give you the confidence to impress your friends and “test drive” your dancing in all kinds of social situations.


Best described as The Social Ease Level, there are 4 levels to a Bronze Program that are designed to make you the most comfortable person out on the dance floor. You will start putting your knowledge of steps into practice learning a number of patterns and variations along with lots of styling and dance technique. At this level when you will be able to dance competently in almost any social situation. Many of our students at Bronze level choose to take it to the next step and enter competitions and travel interstate and overseas for events. Once you achieve your full Bronze from a social dancing perspective you will never need to take another dance lesson again!


This is the true Dedicated Dancer Level. Some people golf, some people ski this level is for the people who just love their dance and have made it an important part of their life. With all the Glitz and Glam of advanced movements and styling its very easy to see why dancers who make it to this level take great pride in what they have achieved as a dancer.