Our Studio

Student Philosophy- At Social Dance Studios Castle Hill we believe the number one person is you, the student. Everything we do is designed to make sure that every visit is exciting, fun and inspirational. We feel that dancing is so much more than just a few steps to music, it can be whatever the music inspires us to become. We are interested in you as people, not just as dancers. Our instructors are great “people” people, when we ask how your day was we really want to know, and before you know it you’ll find yourself relaxing and chatting about your day.

We want you to feel at home in the studio; help yourself to mints, make yourself a cup of coffee or just relax and chat to other students. From the moment you walk in the door, Social Dance Studios Castle Hill should feel like home away from home.

Staff Philosophy- At Social Dance Studios Castle Hill our highly trained, professional dance instructors are a team that work together as one unit. If students are number one in our studio our team has to work together to benefit each and every student. Every staff member is a certified dance instructor through Arthur Murray Inc and we update our training constantly to improve our level of dance. We all work towards goals of both dancing and teaching excellence. We undertake regular training and compete on a regular basis. If the saying goes you are only as strong as your weakest link then our team at Social Dance Studios Castle Hill could hold up the world!