Meet the Team

IMG_2110Matthew Aker / Owner

After 4 fantastic years of working as an instructor for a number of Arthur Murray Studios around the world I decided it was time to open my own studio and in 2008 took the plunge and opened the doors at Arthur Murray Castle Hill.

Before I even found a location I had a vision of what I would like my studio to be. I wanted a grown up, sophisticated studio that specialised in social dancing and where students were like family. I was keen to develop a studio where everyone shared a love of dancing and were dedicated not just to their own dancing but everyone’s in the studio.

Now, ten years later that vision has come true. We have built an exciting social studio which people see as their second home. It’s also the friendliest studio I have every worked in; often when a new student arrives, before the staff or I have a chance to say hi, other students have already introduced themselves and offered them a coffee or a cold drink!

As an instructor I specialise in working with couples and love watching all my students grow and develop as social dancers. We also have a lot of long term students and it’s been a privilege to work with them over the years to see them become confident and proficient dancers.

Now, after nine years, is the fun part, we have an amazing team of staff, an amazing bunch of students and the sky is the limit as to how much we can grow as a studio. I look forward to meeting each and every person that begins their dance journey here and is able to call Arthur Murray Castle Hill their home for Dancing.

Dani McLeod – Manager

I started dancing at a young age. I fell in love with Latin and Ballroom dancing because of my father. After watching him participate in dance classes, I became enthralled and thought this could be something I would love to pursue. So, my generous dad signed me up and I started my lessons straight away. It was captivating and I enjoyed it so much.

I realized from then it was more than just hobby. I qualified to become an instructor and I was soon teaching couples, wedding couples, singles and choreographing routines for special events and competitions.  It is a passion, that I now call my career.

I have worked in the industry for 10 years and with Arthur Murray Castle Hill for 8 years as a senior instructor and studio manager.

My love for dancing lies with teaching singles and couples how to socially dance. More importantly, showing people the benefits of dancing and how dancing can change your life is enormously rewarding.

Jaymie Haskell – Senior Instructor

Collin Del Rosario –  Instructor

I have always had a fascination with partnership dancing, where a man and a woman are able to move to the music together in perfect synchronisation. In particular, I became captivated by the elegance and smoothness of Hollywood’s Fred Astaire, where he was able to win the hearts of the fair ladies and the audience,through dancing. After a few films, I started to realise that this nature of being a gentleman and the concept of chivalry had long been gone in today’s society. As a result, one day I decided to search for a ballroom dance studio in the Hills District, thankfully enough, Arthur Murray Castle Hill was the first on my Google search.

Like many other student, I applied for a Complimentary Lesson with the plan of learning what I can, going home and practising what I can, I knew I couldn’t afford lessons since I was a fresh high school graduate with little pocket money.

After going through the basics of some dances, Matthew asked me, “What are you doing right now and why do you do it?” I replied, “I’m studying a Bachelor of Nursing at UTS, I want to work my way to specialise in Paediatrics and aim to work at Westmead Children’s Hospital. I’ve always loved dancing and it’s brought me happiness and joy; and if I could lighten up the day of any depressed child with dancing, I would.” Since my drive to dance was to make the other person happy, Matthew offered me a job right then and there.

Six months later, I’m starting to gain more students and teach group classes, and I’m always excited, due to the fact that there’s always something new to experience and learn, and there’s always someone new to meet. The part about this job I love most, is seeing the growth of students from doubtful in their own ability to firmly confident, the smiles I see in their achievements is contagious and I can’t help but smile myself and congratulate them.

Of course, my gratitude towards the Arthur Murray Castle Hill team cannot be measured, since they have given me so much and have supported me along my journey, I’m excited to see where this job will take me in the future and the everlasting friendships that will be created.

Nicola Deacon – Instructor

My love of dance began at the age of 12 when I joined a local dance studio; which funnily enough specialised in Ballroom & Latin dancing, but also other styles of dance too.

At age 16, I started my own dance class at my local community centre for the younger children in my neighbourhood as there was very little in place in means of active activities for kids. I did this alongside studying for my Performing arts diploma, and then going on to achieve my Bachelor of Arts in Dance at University.

After graduating, I successfully joined a performance production company which lead to many stage productions including Fame, Little Shop of Horrors, Snow White and Cinderella to name a few. During my time, not only was I able to perform on stage but I also choreographed and directed shows too.

After moving to Australia from the UK in 2013, I was a part of a performing arts studio in Sydney’s Inner West specialising in children’s dance classes.

Now at Arthur Murray, I’m excited to explore the world of Rhythm and Smooth.



See you on the dance floor!